Process Optimisation

At ROVALMA, S.A. our approach to tool materials and tool performance is determined by our focus on increasing the competitive advantage of our customers through our tool materials and their optimal usage. Based on this approach we have been developing tool materials that differ considerably from traditional ones.

This is especially true for high thermal conductivity steels (HTCS®) that provide a larger window of opportunity for additional process optimisation to further increase the cost-effectiveness of the costumer’s production processes, for example through additional increases in process productivity and tool durability. Our vast experience in the application of our high performance tool materials has generated a large know-how in the most efficient usage of our tool materials for different applications according to the specific objectives of our customers.


Based on our extensive experience and profound know-how, we offer our customers the following additional services:

  • Advise in the selection of die, mould and tool materials in accordance with the application requirements, the quality of the produced parts, the productivity and specific features of the production process, and the longevity of the high performance tools.
  • Advanced thermo-mechanical analysis of dies and tools during production conditions
  • Tailoring tool material properties to produce tailored components and complex geometries
  • Advise in advanced welding and surface treatment solutions
  • Other related technical services