40 Years of Providing Superior Tool Material Solutions

Since ROVALMA’s foundation in 1977, we have been providing Superior Tool Material Solutions to our customers. Specialized in Steels and Special alloys for Tools and Machinery, we differentiate ourselves by providing a customer service based on an exceptionally profound knowledge in metallurgy, particularly with regard to tool materials’ properties and their usage.

ROVALMA’s mission is to give competitive edge and technological lead to its cooperation partners by generating solutions to current industrial needs and anticipating future technological solutions. At the same time we strive at contributing substantially to create societal, environmental and economic benefits with our technological solutions.

Company brochure

Our Core Business Areas


Design and Development of:

  • tools steels and special alloys
  • steel manufacturing equipment and technology
  • melting and thermo-mechanical processing technology
  • advanced test equipment and methodologies
  • metal powders for additive manufacturing
  • 3D printing technology for large dies and moulds

Production and Distribution:

  • Production of high quality and advanced tools steels and special alloys
  • Distribution, stocking, cutting and milling services for our materials

Quality control of materials:

  • mechanical & thermal characterization
  • micro-structural analysis

Customer Support in:

  • tool steel selection
  • tool design
  • surface treatments
  • process optimization
  • key points relating to the tool and its usage

What we are proud of…

…is the dedication and deep knowledge of our people, the high quality and reliability of our products, and our capacity to generate innovative and customized technological solutions that add value to our customers.

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