ROVALMA presentes its disruptive metal 3D printing @ Smart Plastics Congress 2024

We are very grateful for the attention received from the audience of the 2024 edition of the SMART PLASTICS Congress in Milan, Italy. Together with our distribution partner for Italy, BRE-MEN ACCIAI, ROVALMA presented its disruptive metal 3D printing technology, ROVALMA®MAM. True to our mission to bring competitive advantage to our partners and to contribute to societal and environmental progress with our technologies, ROVALMA® MAM has been developed to fully capitalize the freedom of design, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness of metal 3D printing, while featuring unprecedented performance capabilities. ROVALMA® MAM stands out by achieving top sustainability and its capability to print fully dense, large high-performance components with fine surface quality and no need for support structures. Moreover, any kind of metal can be printed!

Thanks a lot to everyone who attended our presentation and contributed to the great technical exchange about the future of metal 3D printing! Special thanks go to BREMEN ACCIAI, for organizing our attendance, and in particular to Davide Rossi, technical sales specialist, for presenting our disruptive 3D printing technology to the SMART PLASTICS community!

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