Airbus 2018, Hamburg, Germany

ROVALMA’s Managing Director, Isaac Valls, had the pleasure to attend the “Airbus 2018” organized by the SME Instrument in cooperation with AIRBUS, on January 29/30th, 2018, in Hamburg. ROVALMA thanks the EU and AIRBUS cordially for hosting this great pitching event and giving it, together with 29 other SME-Instrument champions, the exceptional opportunity to pitch our innovations to AIRBUS.

We would like to point out the high innovation and technology level of the products and services exhibited by the SME-Instrument champions who attended the event. In ROVALMA, we are proud of being members of the SME Instrument Community and we strongly believe that thanks to our joint efforts we are contributing to the well-being of the European citizens and the technological development of the European Union. We would like to express our gratitude once more to the EASME and AIRBUS representatives who made such an enriching and supportive event possible. It was an honor and a privilege to be there.

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