EIC Innovators Summit 2018. Berlin, Germany

ROVALMA would like to express its deep gratitude to the EIC-Summit 2018 organizing team of EASME, led by its Director, Mr. Julien Guerrier, for the great agenda arrangement and the hosting of the summit. The event has provided ample opportunities to meet, discuss, network and bridge the information and communication gap between SME-innovators on the one hand and corporate technology scouts and financial investors on the other hand to bring Europe’s most innovative products and technologies faster to the market. During the EIC-Summit, SME innovators could also learn how to best protect their innovations, how to effectively scale up their business and to access big corporations, improve corporate management and market penetration with the support of experts and enter specific geographic markets. Special thanks go to Mr. Jean-David Malo, Director of Open Innovation and Open Science of the EC, for the provided insights on the future evolution of the EIC funding for innovators and to Mr. Viorel Peca, Head of FET Unit, for the informative workshop on R&D seed funding for radically new / high risk future technologies within the FET OPEN framework.

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