Electrolux. Porcia, Italy

ROVALMA S.A. ( was one of the 14 companies funded by the EIC pilot that travelled to the Electrolux Innovation Factory in Italy to share its vision and explore business opportunities with Electrolux managers and partners.

On 30 October, the recently inaugurated Electrolux Innovation Factory hosted the EIC Corporate Day, aimed to unleash the Open Innovation potential by connecting some selected SMEs to promote business opportunities and to support projects to accelerate innovation together.

Matching Electrolux’s ambitions with companies funded by the EIC pilot, it provided the background for a fruitful networking and pitching event in Porcia, Italy. ROVALMA had the chance to pitch its disruptive FASTCOOL mould steels to an audience of more than 50 Electrolux managers and partners, followed by one-to-one meetings with curated stakeholders in order to explore the best way to go about a partnership or business venture with Electrolux.

Talking about the event, Beatrice Maestri, Open Innovation Manager at Electrolux and co-founder of the Electrolux Innovation Factory, highlighted the importance of the matchmaking event, having two main benefits both for Electrolux and the SMEs. “On the one hand, it enables our colleagues to experience the Open Innovation approach, being directly involved in investigating innovative solutions; on the other hand, it allows the SMEs to reach Electrolux and to promote themselves and how their products could be beneficial to fit our company challenges, facilitating prospective cross-collaboration between internal and external ecosystems”

“I am very glad to have had the chance to attend the Electrolux day. For me it was a unique and enriching experience and it was a pleasure to meet so many great people from such a successful corporation. We believe our solutions can be of enormous benefit for Electrolux and a partnership with Electrolux can help us significantly scale-up our business”, states Pere Ferrer, Project Manager at Rovalma’s Application Engineering Department.

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