FASTCOOL®-10, pre-hardened to 300 ± 30 HB

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FASCTOOL®-10 is a tool steel grade of ROVALMA’s high thermal conductivity tool steel family. FASTCOOL®-10 is supplied in prehardened condition of 300 ± 30 HB and has been designed to be the most cost-effective solution for applications benefiting from exceptionally high thermal conductivity while requiring good mechanical properties, including very large cross-section applications. The very fine and homogenous microstructure allows for very good polishability, excellent texturability and extremely homogenous properties. FASTCOOL®-10 provides significant advantages for plastic injection applications based on its great potential for reducing cycle time and improving part quality by eliminating warpage and sink marks. For applications requiring higher hardness FASTCOOL®-10 HH at ~ 330 – 360 HB is available.


  • Tool, die and mold construction - plastic injection molding, blow molding, plastic extrusion- including very large cross-section molds. The material has also been specially tailored for the application of high performance mold heating and cooling technologies.

Delivery Condition:

  • Pre-hardened to 300 ± 30 HB

Typical Working Hardness Range:

  • 300 ± 30 HB (FASTCOOL®-10)
  • 330 ± 30 HB (FASTCOOL®-10 HH)

The above set forth description of material applications is for general information purposes only and must not be interpreted as any express or implied warranty or guarantee of fitness for purpose for such or any other applications.
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