PKT-117, pre-hardened to 42-46 HRc

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PKT-117 is a pre-hardened hot work steel, combining a good toughness-hardness ratio, good thermal conductivity, high temperature wear resistance, very high compression strength and good machinability. PKT-117 can be nitrided and coated - for detailed information please contact ROVALMA.


  • Dies and molds for injection of thermoplastics, thermosets, zinc based alloys, and in some conditions of aluminium based alloys (big dimension dies without excessively large pulls)
  • Sliders, preferably nitrided, plate insert-carriers, dolly, die bases, hold-down plates, columns, and bushes for dies; jackets for hot banding of hard metal cores, forging stamps, or steels at high hardness
  • Dies for hot and cold deburring, cutting dies for silver, alpaca and soft alloys
  • Punching tools and stamping dies
  • Forging stamps, mandrels, pushers, and extrusion die holders
  • Shear and folding blades, gears, shafts, pins, broaches, and screws
  • Prototyping dies for hot stamping

Delivery Condition:

  • Flats: pre-hardened to ~42-46 HRc. Stock availability of grinded plates ready for EDM.
  • Rounds: pre-hardened to ~40-42 HRc.

The above set forth description of material applications is for general information purposes only and must not be interpreted as any express or implied warranty or guarantee of fitness for purpose for such or any other applications.
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