GTCS®-450 / GTCS®-470

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GTCS®-450 / GTCS®-470

GTCS® steel grades feature very low thermal conductivity at comparable levels of ceramic isolation materials, combined with the mechanical properties of steels. GTCS® are typically used in hot forming applications in order to reduce cooling in certain tool areas through reduced heat extraction by GTCS®, or to produce tool segments with graduated properties.

Delivery Condition:

  • Annealed or pre-hardened - for detailed information please contact ROVALMA

Typical Working Hardness:

  • The working hardness range after application of the proper heat treatment for GTCS®-450 is typically 38-40 HRc achieving higher toughness levels than GTCS®-470, which can be hardened up to 50 HRc.

The above set forth description of material applications is for general information purposes only and must not be interpreted as any express or implied warranty or guarantee of fitness for purpose for such or any other applications.
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