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WOV®-555 is a fine grained tool steel of high carbide content with an outstanding abrasive wear resistance, good toughness-hardness ratio and exceptional retention of high hardness at high temperatures. WOV® can be nitrided and coated - for detailed information please contact ROVALMA.


  • Dies for fine cutting (double acting), stamping, punching, especially of stainless steel, magnetic sheets, and pre-treated strips
  • Stamping and punching tools in rapid presses
  • Dies for hot and cold extrusion - for detailed information please contact ROVALMA
  • Inserts and dies for injection or pressing of abrasive thermosets, ceramics, powder metals, and resins

Delivery Condition:

  • Annealed up to ~280 HB

Typical Working Hardness Range:

  • 62-67 HRc

The above set forth description of material applications is for general information purposes only and must not be interpreted as any express or implied warranty or guarantee of fitness for purpose for such or any other applications.
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